Our Present Situation

by Dianachendavis May. 07, 2012 5047 views

All, I have some urgent news regarding Diana and I. Please read below for the news and follow this photoblog to check in with us:

Recently, she has had a cough which started around 13 April, 2012, and which had steadily worsened to bouts of coughing fits as well as wheezing. Last Friday she called the ER due to not being able to breathe. She was immediately rushed to a local hospital and was intubtated to sustain her breathing.

That night she was transferred to the University of Maryland Medical Center, 22 S. Greene Street, Baltimore, MD to the ICU and kept under constant care and observation.

Today, she was transferred to the SICU and doctors told our family that this is a strong (but not yet confirmed) case of Lymphoma.

Please continue to follow the updates here if you wish in order to stay abreast with what's going on. We'll be posting news, photos of Diana, and general updates from today and all the way forward through her recovery.

Thanks for your LOVE and CONTINUED SUPPORT :)

-Estan and Diana

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