Good Food Goes Syiok! - Rocket United Cafe

by Kee Soon August. 21, 2009 8296 views

The Rocket United Cafe was officially opened on August 9 (Sunday). Owned by DAP's supporters, it's the first political restaurant in our country. From delicious nasi lemak to Kluang coffee, you'll be spoilt for choices with the great variety of local delights.

WiFi is provided, so is a big projection screen for people to watch Astro channels. Seating are available on two floors, with each floor designed in separate style and caters for unique ambiance.

It is strategically located at SS2/63, same row as where Maybank is located, or opposite the SS2 park beside the Indomie foodcourt, or indirectly behind Eu Yan Sang herbal shop.

Parking can be an issue. Do go early if you are planning to go there for lunchtime. It might several rounds of ceaseless searching before you can find your parking space. Calvin Chai can testify to this!

A humble setup, but at least it was not built with the rakyat's money.

The real news that matters, not like those rubbish and utter crap from the stars and the moon.

Have you fulfilled your responsibility to your country today?

Menu with both food for thought and for your tummy.

The cafe offers a great variety of local delights. The prices are reasonable, you won't find yourself paying RM12.5 for a cup of coffee.

While waiting for the food the arrive, one can check out the interesting array of books and souvenirs.

Sorry, ‘Dummies for Malaysian Politics’ is not available yet.

'Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it' - Our children deserve better, let them not suffer because of our indifference.

Kopi'o (black coffee) is so much entwined in our Malaysian culture, for good and more so these days for bad.

If suddenly today the milk tastes bitter, will you still add it to your coffee even if you had been doing the same for the last 50 years?

The choice is yours to made, while still living in a real democracy that is…

'The good, the bad and the ugly'

The curry laksa - delightfully tasty.

So good you'll probably finish it, just maybe not to the last spoonful as The Blues are probably good at.

'Change we must and change we can'!

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