HOPE Worldwide - 15 mins from KLCC

by Kee Soon January. 23, 2010 3384 views

No, this ain't a picture from the 1950's of Malaya; it's 2009, KL.

Meagre survival; a cow grazing on coarse grass by a muddy road.

Human and garbage live side by side in most slum areas.

A ‘single-storey terrace house’.

Often by no fault of their own, the poors in Sentul are predominantly Indian.

Whether the former tenants have simply vanished into the thin air of poverty or moved on to better homes, no one knows.

Destitute but friendly and warm at heart; a slum kid guiding the way.

Whatever goes; a very much makeshift cloth hanger.

They too are the future of our nation. What would you want them to be when they grow up?

Yes, they are looking up to you and me, those of us who are better off, to help them to see the days ahead.

This poor lady is taking care of more than 10 children, some which are not her own, but out of compassion she sheltered them all.

A shanty house of sorrow; every Malaysian need to play our part to give these poor souls a better tomorrow.

Helping the poor means more than just simply putting money into the donation box.

For richer and for poorer; now you know why they say dog is a man's best friend.

Too close for comfort; a garbage dump sits by the side of the ‘house’.

The ‘bathroom’. Seriously, one needs to see it ‘live’ with own eyes in ‘full color’.

Electricity is courtesy of good Samaritans who paid for the bill.

If you think IKEA is ‘standard’ for every home, this dwelling will be your worst nightmare.

Most poor families struggle because the man of the house, for one reason or another, is no longer around.

Not sure if the fridge is actually working, or just a ‘collectibles’ from the local junkyard.

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Jacki 7 years, 10 months ago

Really good pictures (although I find the fisheye effect distracts from the subject)... interesting how children everywhere run, play, and smile with little regard for material things.

7 years, 10 months ago Edited
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