Bible Talk - Most Precious @ SS2

by Kee Soon February. 08, 2011 6020 views

The yin-yang of Chinese yam cake.

Too hungry to resist.

By and by - passing time while waiting for the rest.

See no evil - Ricky taking a really good look at a lens.

No hokkien mee is complete without this.

Bye-bye mosquitoes.

Hannah and her friend/student, Agnes.

Save a bowl for me.

Saying grace before meal.

One for the album.

A friend at the Bible Talk, Agnes.

Let the noodles roll - time to start dinner.

Simple, delicious dishes.

After the food comes the game. Chee How is our game master for the night.

Elaine, anticipating the game master's question.

In stitches and bewilderment; Charmaine and Ricky trying to figure out the answer.

Oh my, oh my, oh my!

Lai Cheng, deciding whether she should attend this year's highly anticipated singles retreat at Cameron Highlands.

The laughter is too much for Choi Li too.

The game master making an offer they can't refuse.

May Ee wasn't entirely convinced.

Me, on the news?

Sisterhood - the bond that binds.

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