Ella's Granddad gave her a cool totem tennis [en.wikipedia.org] set for Christmas so today we tried it out in the back yard. Ewan supervised.

Mandy, Lyndon and Lily came by today. We went to the pool and then just hung out at home for a while. Assorted grandparents also dropped in.

Santa's sleigh dropped off some extra presents for the kiddies so we had a little unwrapping ceremony today.

So, we took something like 230 photos at today's family Christmas lunch … luckily photoblog only allows 30 pics per day or we'd be here forever.

Dan and Beth dropped by for a visit. Ella made some biscuits, fed Grandad some grapes, and got some new shoes. What a busy day!

Ella loves vegetables and always has a great time playing in Grandma's vege garden. The two of them found fresh eatables and planted Ella's very own cucumber…

We've taken Ella to the Bush Fire Brigade Christmas party every [photoblog.com] year [photoblog.com] since she was born. This year Diane and Ewan stayed home…

We have a tradition of making a personalised Christmas greeting each year. This year the children wanted to be the main feature.

Ewan's got pretty good head control so I snapped these shots while Diane was measuring his next batch of baby clothes against his back.
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