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Used shutter speed up to two minutes to make some interesting shots using the moon for light. Thanks to the friends that made the night a great time. Jesse and…

Cambria Dawn Dodge 8lb. 9oz. Jan 26th 1:03am www.DustinDodgePhotography.com [dustindodgephotography.com]

A few selected shots from the Kazu Couture fashion show at Ocean 808. www.DustinDodgePhotography.com [dustindodgephotography.com]

Took a few shots for musician Amy DeAngelo's press package for Vibe Records. www.DustinDodgePhotography.com [dustindodgephotography.com]

I recent trip to the USS Arizona memorial that I can see from my apartment. www.DustinDodgePhotography.com [dustindodgephotography.com]
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