Human Predation

by Radha Mistry May. 28, 2017 948 views

I drive.

I feel the power of this incredible machine beneath my foot.

I feel it surge as I push down on the accelerator.

Blackness all around.

Music playing on the stereo.

Its just me and the road.

Im going somewhere, but where I go is not so important.

The going, gives me an ethereal peace and a sense of travelling into the unknown.

Time slows down, I sink into the rhythm of the car, the thrust of the engine.

The music takes me far away whilst my body automatically drives.

As I corner a bend in the motorway, I glance into my rear view mirror.

The view fixates me and sends a rush into the pit of my stomach.

Headlights beam back to me in pairs.

I feel the raw power of the machinery charging towards me in unison.

Line after line of headlights stream around the bend.

Unstoppable, terrifying, relentless.

I'm completely gobsmacked by the amount of power, awe and fear I feel all at the same time.

I ponder on this.

On the ingenuity of man to create such awesome machines capable of so much.

And on the other side, the sheer environmental destruction we are causing all over the world through the automobile.

It brought freedom.

It also brought our own un-doing as a species.

As I stared at the lights flooding round, heading straight for me, I realised, they were eyes.

Tiger eyes.

Eyes of the greatest predator on the planet.

The automobile is that for us.

It is our ultimate form of predation.

Inside those metal boxes, we feel powerful.

We are powerful.

Able to take down most other animals through our machinery and robotic power, we dominate the entire planet behind a wheel.

We are the top predator.

The motorway is our highway, our territory.

It has no mercy.

Trespass at your own peril.

It is a cruel predator.

A dark predator.

One who roams by day, but eats by night.

What have we created?

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Antonio Gil 3 years, 7 months ago

Love the strength and beauty of this post. blue car

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Radha Mistry Replied to Antonio Gil 3 years, 7 months ago
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