The little girl

by Radha Mistry February. 17, 2018 498 views

To the little girl in Nicaragua, who filled me up inside.

This is an old pic; symbolic for girl in account below. I did not want to photograph the girl I met.

This is an old pic; symbolic for girl in account below. I did not want to photograph the girl I met.

She looked at me without any fear for being seen to be closely observing me,

She had no shame for her curiosity,

It seemed natural for her,

Her birthright to wonder and question so directly,

She was feeling me out,

Evaluating me,

Penetrating any inauthenticity,

Establishing whether I was to be trusted or not,

Fascinating to watch this process in a child.

She was 7,

She was incredibly beautiful,

So natural,

So innocent.

Not like the kids where I live,

Demanding for material things,

Glued to the mobile phone,

Or already comparing.

No she was incredibly pure.

I could practically see into her heart.

She had her father next to her.

They were very close.

Not two mins passed where one of them did not give the other a loving embrace.

Like two lovers who couldn’t keep their hands of each other,

Except this was more like a nuzzle,

Or a stroke of the hair,

Or a hand to a face.

The father equally could not hide his affection for his daughter,

Maybe this was what I found so beautiful.

The unashamed, unadulterated expression of emotion,

The inability to hide it,

Or keep it inside,

The natural flowing of energy,

Where it feels good.

She grinned at me, a ‘I like you’ and I grinned back.

I was completely smitten,

She seemed to be giving me love,

Literally unconditionally.

She barely knew me,

She had decided she liked me.

She had evaluated me,

Now she had decided.

I told her father she was very beautiful.

Her father agreed, looked at his daughter lovingly,

And then just seemed to be lost in cherishing her.

She understood my crappy Spanish,

She told me ‘Et tu tambien’.

She melted my heart.

I was equally fascinated by her.

We tried to communicate more.

My linguistics limited us.

We reverted to sign language.

We started playing with the sun with our hands and blocking the light out.

I made a love heart with my hands and she got super excited.

She made one back but took her hands to her heart and then out to me, to show me she loved me.

I had to do it back.

There was no way I was not gonna love heart sign language back.

We both grinned some more.

I wondered if she had a mother?

The father and daughter were incredibly close.

Like maybe they only had each other.

She seemed incredibly fascinated by me,

And took a liking to me reasonably fast.

I wondered.

When her stopped arrived she casually said ‘Adios’, then marched off delicately balancing 2 trays of about 24 eggs in her hands.

I was super happy I had got to meet her.

I thought she was gone.

I looked out the window,

There she was,

Practically jumping with excitement, trying to loudly wave me goodbye,

It was more her face of delight though,

That told me without doubt she was equally happy to have met me.

Her father even joined in some excited waving too.

In those brief moments,

I loved her.

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Antonio Gil 3 years, 8 months ago

Beautiful post full of love

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