Let it Burn

by Radha Mistry March. 04, 2018 641 views

To all my ladies out there,

I call you to take a stand.

For too long have women played it nice.

I wholeheartedly want to live more from my heart.

Be more loving, kinder, less harmful to others.

Sounds admirable.

There’s a time. And a place.

There’s also a time to burn everything to ashes.

To scorch and to set alight.

Not a yellow flame, a red, scarlet, blade of fury.

Let the flames whip around you, tranced by their frenzied ways.

Who needs to understand?

Let them take you.

In whatever direction they may.

There’s a time and place for niceties.

Today is not one of those days.

When people take advantage of your desire to be kind, to love despite their attempts to hurt, then its time to protect oneself and seether all connections.

Demand respect at all times.

Do you want be dead or alive?

A life of dis-respect is not a life.

Demand it.

Like the fire demands.

Its doesn’t ask.

Or plead.

It roars.

It burns.

It takes no guests.

Women were once called witches.

Fire is our ally.

So burn ladies.

Patriarchy has purposefully turned our sweet souls against each other.

Bid us in competition.

Taken our sisterhood.

What remains is barely reminiscent of the true strength of female kinships.

They know together we are stronger.

So lets remind them why they feared us in the first place.

Find your sisters.

Find your fire.

Create smoke in ur wake.

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