The Matrix

by Radha Mistry December. 25, 2018 503 views
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Social media has not been built with our wellbeing in mind.

I practically refuse to use it as I am meant to, or as would benefit me, as a form of revolt.

I do this to my detriment (socially).

But I am not going to mindlessly use it, as has been decided for me.

It fosters division.

It fosters the disintegration of harmony; individually and collectively.

I used to know people who said….

‘Its not the tool which is harmful. It depends on the person using the tool and how they use the tool which makes it harmful’.

Firstly, its hardly like we are all enlightened ninjas who can spear off every pang of jealously or ‘less than’ emotion we ever encounter.

And secondly, its built into the algorithms in the back.

It has been tailored precisely to ‘exploit’ weaknesses in human nature.

I quoted the word exploit because nearly everything in our current model operates on this key principle.

If the world around us, if society at large, is built on the processes of exploitation of one another, do we really think that will not filter down into our most intimate and treasured relationships?

Most of us cannot get off this tool.

It is herd mentality in its most ugly form.

I have tried a few times personally.

It is almost like when your not on social media, you do not exist.

Your not a real person.

Or it must mean your having a quarter, mid, or three-quarter life crisis.

Since when did this ‘networking’ application take over our realities?

Social media is only the start.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is where this is all headed.


We are the guinea pigs.

In a great human experiment.

They are using our posts, every single one we make, to collect data on human emotions.

To then create robots and computers that mimic the way we think and respond emotionally.

Even if, in the end, it will take us somewhere beneficial, as many advances in technology have, there will be treacherous phases to endure first.

With fatalities and casualties along the way.

Social media is the first part of many advances towards a Digital Humanity.

The Information Age is about to catapult up a few whole degrees.

And man’s robotic machinery days have only just begun......

All those sci-fi movies I used to watch with my father as a child will no longer be fiction.

Chips in the back of necks, surveillance societies, DNA recognition systems, and militaristic governing structures.


I spend a lot of time mulling over what is effective activism.

I believe the old methods are redundant for the day and age we live in.

Street protests are no longer effective.

We feel strength in numbers, a temporary relief.

But it is a futility that I will no longer entertain.

The powers that be do not care for our concerns.

There is a new kind of evil at work in the world.

An evil that does not announce its arrival.

It seeps into our food supplies without our consent, or into our medical systems under the protection of multi-nationals.

It’s not even about money anymore.

The elite corporate world has gone blind and like a train that has no brakes.

There is hope; a rising division.

Between those who stand for a humanity and those who stand for power.

However, anytime anything gets remotely threatening enough to overturn the structures in place, those in power, offer the resistances power themselves.

Power tests all of us.

Any revolution must have no leader.

It must be born with a genetic mutation from old ways.

If it is not born soon, those of us, who can remember the smell of clean air, the touch of a real human being, the rhythms of the Earth, the beauty of this planet….these things will die out.

Younger generations born into this data, iphone, profile picture age will not recall so easily.

Caught in simulations, illusions, and cyber webs, we will be lost in virtual mazes.

Lost in the Matrix.

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Antonio Gil 2 years, 7 months ago

That's exactly why I do not belong to any social network.

2 years, 7 months ago Edited
Radha Mistry Replied to Antonio Gil 2 years, 7 months ago

Probably very healthy Antonio. I feel there are two issues with this though; we are still subject to the direction our society takes even if at a personal level we reject the way things are headed. And second, and one I can relate to quite strongly, there is a need for humans to be 'seen'. Which social media promises the fulfilment of.

2 years, 7 months ago Edited