Ocean Therapy

by Radha Mistry March. 27, 2019 332 views

I'm having issues with my camera. I've been having them for a while.

We might have to break up if it continues much longer.

Doesn't terribly help, that I never really understood how to use it in the first place.

Below is taken with my Iphone.

I really like viewing how the water glistens over the sand as it breaks.

I like the foamy, soft, creamy textures of the water before the break.

And I love the colour transitions.

No photography skills were needed for these shots.

I just stuck the camera in front of the view and pressed record.

But I want to keep the habit going even without a wonderful camera.

I love water so much.

Even just looking at it.

And I love beauty in & of itself.

Beauty makes life worth living.

Not the beauty we have been told is beautiful.

But the beauty that makes you feel like the world is a beautiful place, and blows your mind, and makes you forget all pain.

Takes your breathe away, and leaves no room for thought on anything else.

Brings you to the moment, and reminds you why you have everything to live for.

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Antonio Gil 1 year, 9 months ago

This post just shows great pictures can be captured without spending a lot of money in gear. Well done Radha

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