Survival of the Human Spirit

by Radha Mistry June. 09, 2019 429 views

I have debated in my head back and forth for a long time now how to approach the power structures in place in our world. 

I used to use words like revolution.

I now do not think these words are relevant for the day and age we live in.

Revolutions are a thing from the past. They replace one tyrant with another tyrant inevitably in time. 

Revolutions are not going to bring the change we so desperately seek. 

What is going to be effective is Individual Consciousness. 

By this I mean, a silent virus.

Sweeping the globe. 

But instead of us fearing this virus, calling it an 'epidemic'. 

This virus could save us all.


Due to its intrinsic nature, the power structures that-be, will be unable to interfere with it, unable to corrupt it with the seduction & lure of power. 

The changes will happen in silence, invisibly at first.

The virus will grow in potency and pick up momentum in time.

Remember, anything visible to the power structures, will be over-powered, over-thrown, corrupted and brought into the status quo.

The virus needs to born and nurtured underground.

In silence. 

With stealth, precision, and focus.

And the virus answers to no one but itself. 

Look at the world of microbes... 

Have you ever heard of a virus having a Leader?

There will be no leaders in the future.

...If we are to have a future.  

We will be self organising individuals that act naturally in the best interests of each other, with the knowledge that we are all in this life together. 

Photo downloaded, not taken by me

Photo downloaded, not taken by me

We already have silent viruses in our world. 

Hate is a silent virus. Homophobia is a virus. Racism is a virus. Terrorism is a virus.

They are viruses in the mind.

Where they cannot be seen or touched.

Thus their power. 


Like many, I was deeply troubled when I watched Terrorism enter into our world in 2001. 

Why was I so troubled? 

Because no matter the arms strength of a country, this was not a form of evil that could be eradicated through might, strength or power. 

All traditional models of masculinity and protection failed in the wake of terrorism. 


A country could kill every single terrorist member, and the virus would still be passed down.

The virus was not of the body..... it was of the mind. 

And a mind virus does not require a physical body to continue its life. 

They live on.... through books, through children birthed to a history, a lineage. 

Through scriptures, through media, through memories, through stories, through blood & loss & hate. 

And like any virus, they come back stronger the next time round. More resistant, and with adapted attachment structures. 

The hosts are unprepared. 


The time has come for us to birth a counter mind virus. 

A virus that supposes individual responsibility for the state of everything we see around us.

A virus that requires us to see how what happens in the world on the external scale, also happens within our own smaller worlds.

The same greed, corruption, disrespect for life, happens within local communities, within families, within lovers. 

How can we expect to demand leaders such as politicians and governments to give us solutions or answers, when we ourselves have no better knowledge or know-how?


Goldman Sachs held my interest for a while. They are the bank behind the bank for anyone who has never heard of them.

Those that work there are some of the most ruthless human beings perhaps alive. 

But they still contain a human heart. 

The same one as us.

How corrupted we let our hearts become, that is the pivotal differentiating factor.

Not in the sense it makes one better than another, superior or inferior.

The extent to which one has been corrupted can depend on so many variables; many even pre-determined before our birth; it is not a competition. 

But it is the differentiating factor in the sense it changes our destiny as a species.  

Perhaps the virus can be more than just a mind virus; perhaps it can be a heart virus too. 

The powers that be, would not see this coming.

It doesn't require a 'group identity' to form. 

Or a collective movement of any kind.

That would only bring attention to the change, to the growth, to the turn in tides. 

We have individualised the modern world so much, why not use it to our advantage now?

Besides, the depth of this work, requires solitude. 

It requires a commitment to confront everything ugly within one's own heart and mind. 

And to hold compassion for oneself through all of it. 

It requires each of us to purify our own hearts in our daily lives first. 

Nobody can hold anyone's hand through this. 

This is a journey one must undertake alone.

It can grow from there. 

And by the time, it reaches a larger scale, the power structures in place will not be prepared. 

If you read the news, if you see something in the world you do not like, look inside, and see how you are the same as that person you dislike, that situation which repels you........

Every time you do this, you start to see, the only solution is for us to be the change ourselves. 

And there is no societal reward for this. No status acceleration, no ego enhancement, no protection from pain. 

This is brutally hard work. 

You do this because your heart hurts every time you look around and see what we have done & are doing to each other. 


There is no power that can combat a pure heart. 

A heart that wishes no harm despite whatever has already been done by a person or thing. 

You can physically kill that person, but you cannot destroy their spirit. 

And make no mistake, this is a war for the survival of the human spirit. 

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