Humanity Infiltrated

by Radha Mistry June. 11, 2019 467 views
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The challenges of my generation are vast.

The challenges of the next generation are incomprehensible.

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Small-talk dinner conversation. 

What does it mean to be a human? 

What does it mean to you? To me?

How would you define it if you had to?

Because my understanding of what it means to be human is under attack. 

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Technology is no longer technology.

Just like the information age became the surveillance age, the data age, the media & disconnection age. 

Technology is developing into the Artificial Intelligence age. 

The word technology may not even be a frequented word in the future. 

AI is taking over. 


I don't have the energy for all these battles sometimes. It terrifies the crap out of me. 

But what choice do we have?

Our minds are under attack.

I see AI as this unstoppable thing, which will never be stopped. 

For instance, eventually.....the sun will expand so large, it will consume the Earth and make life here completely impossible. 

We will, have to leave our home in the future.

That is a fact.


Earth is intrinsically linked to what makes us human.

The soil is part of us. The rocks are part of us. The sand grains, the fallen leaves, the wind breeze. 

Already nature is under assault. 

We become less human each day. 

Nature links us to our hearts. 

The further we go from the natural world, the more our hearts die.

The heart is a key defining feature for me of being a human. 

Any strong emotion, but mostly real love, not romantic love, but true love, where you feel the living creature next to you; that comes from the heart and the heart alone.

A human mind cannot give you that.

The ability to feel, to feel pain specifically & to sense. 

These are fundamental human qualities. 

I don't want to manage my emotions. I like them being all over the place. 

Like a Supernova outta control; thats how I like my emotions. 

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Wild and Free.

Chaos and Beauty. 

Destruction and Creation.

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AI is here to stay. 

We will need AI to solve many of the human problems we face, our minds will not be content with not exploring AI, and we will need robotic advances and other powerful tools to help us move out into the vacuum of outer space. 

The feeling we will have one day when we depart the Earth, into the Unknown, into the Blackness, with no idea if we will ever again return Home.......


Who will we become?

Will we know ourselves, or will we be controlled?

Can slavery take on a whole new level?

Are we aware we are being trained to give our minds away?

To loose our hearts?

To forget any sense of who we are?

I'm not religious. 

But, when these thoughts plague my mind, I go inside to pray. 

Not to a God,

But to Myself, 

To find some goddamn Strength, 

To find a Way. 

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Berckmans Peter 2 years, 1 month ago

Very true words. When the earth dies, not if, we will go with her. Nice photos

2 years, 1 month ago Edited