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by Radha Mistry August. 15, 2020 125 views
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In previous blog posts, titled 'Humanity Infiltrated' and 'Abandoned Corpses' I used some quite jarring photo downloads.

The Hong Kong revolution got my interest, for the fact the young were taking on the Chinese Communist Party and given their age bracket, I just saw the courage and nothing else.

But, it also got my interest, because for a long time it seemed to me there was a lack of International leaders paying attention to the mind-set and ambitions of the Chinese, and also the Russians. But perhaps after the cold-war, there was military intelligence with an eye on the Russians. But the Chinese?

Rarely would we hear about them at all on News outlets, until recent years when their economy really started to boom to un-ignorable extent. But even then, given the absolutely vast size of the country, why was it rarely if ever on the BBC news page?

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I think the entire world has made a mistake by not paying enough attention to China.

I am still suspicious as to whether the release of Covid worldwide was a deliberate and convenient reason for mass roll-outs of controversial technologies.

I think there is a very serious and real risk to human life from Covid. My statement above is not meant to undermine the threat from Covid. I think the threat is real. But perhaps real, and deliberately engineered.

It's just too convenient to me. Of course the reason had to be it was in our best interests. For the greater keep us safe....can you imagine the uprising otherwise?

I was recently introduced to a concept called IoT = the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things and 5G are one and the same.

They will emerge together.

5G is what will enable the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things = giving objects Intelligence.

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Giving machine apparatus the equivalent of human senses.

A machine sensor = to sense like a human does.

First a computer, then a laptop, then autonomous cars, then a fancy watch, then a street-light, then a traffic light, then a household kettle, then a child's toy.

The inanimate objects will be connected to the global network of the Internet.

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I recently started looking into what a mobile network or as it is sometimes called a cellular network actually is.

I found paying attention to the naming structure interesting in itself; cellular net-work.

With data transfer and transmission between neighbouring cells.

That is how they organise mobile phone networks.

Geographical areas in the world are divided into 'cells'.

One cell may have different sets of frequencies to its neighbouring cell.

I don't understand much more than that, but I found the likeness to the human nervous system and synapses something I had not really given the time it deserved to reflect on.

We designed the outside world based on our internal human world.

We copied the intelligence we were given, the intelligence we did not consciously create.....and built our outside world to mimic it.

The same happens with drones, these great big flying wasps or other such annoying insects. We copied the animal kingdom.

We learnt from different animals; their gifted and unique intelligence, and applied it to machine based replacements.

Those replacements may be the only memory of the original creatures one-day.

Every invention, leap in human history, machine based progression, is based on our understanding and replication of the natural world.

And yet, can any of us be sure anymore of the role, if any, the natural world will play in the future?

Perhaps the meaning we apply to words 'natural world' will shift or morph.


The step after connecting objects to the Internet, will be to connect the human being itself to the Worldwide Web.

Chips implanted into the human brain.

We already microchip pets, cats for instance. Again something I was quite ignorant too until recently when I was exploring purchasing a pet for company during lockdown. It won't be long till we microchip prison inmates, hospital attendees, and eventually everyone.

The picture I used for my 'Abandoned Corpses' post, I was kind of starting to get at these growing concerns without really knowing it.

I was getting at it from a negative viewpoint though, very fear-based & very, very afraid.


During lock-down, I very much saw the covid pandemic with fear, over what the larger agenda was. I felt there was something even darker behind the already terrible situation everyone was in.

Track and Trace (the UK based system) - seemed to have a more sinister side to the caring cover story presented.

All my resistance to technology was being shoved in my face, and the future for any young person seemed bleak.

The digital world was gaining new levels of precedence in our global society.

Netflix was teeming with Artificial Intelligence related films, so in my boredom, I decided to entertain what a world that embraces technology would look like.

I watched a series called 'Humans' and was blown away to say the least by certain concepts. In the program, Synths as they are called, are the machine equivalents of human beings.

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They require Electricity to stay alive, and regularly connect to charging points.

I found that fascinating in itself.

Electric cars have already hit the market. We have charging points for them.

Is it that far fetched to envision a synthetic human which requires a charging point?

Not at all, was what I concluded.

To cause harm then, to a synthetic, all one would need to do, is to disrupt the power grid, the energy supply. In the series I was watching, the humans intentionally overload the grid, to create a mass culling of the synthetics.

This is why the move towards technology will forever also be a move towards security and almost mission impossible style access systems.

As everything becomes more open sourced, more connected, more easily executable, it will also become equally as vulnerable to hackers and cyber-security threats.

Terrorism will take the form of cybernetics in the future.

The Internet is the future.


A large reason the Internet is so powerful is literally because there is no centralised power structure. It has equal rights for anyone in the world. That makes it an incredibly unique feature in today's world.

I fear it may not always be that way.

If we have chips one-day in our heads, that link our brains to the worldwide web, could that platform one-day be monopolised? Into a stratified hierarchy, with different payment access levels?

I hope not, because that really would be a dark turn for society.

In case you were wondering, these chips into brain comments I am making are in reference to Elon Musk's work, Neuralink.

Elon Musk is an absolutely fascinating man.

I'm actually fond of him and I'll explain why.

Unlike the majority of us, who have avoided wanting to know where all these technological advancements were going...I sure did, I literally avoided it, because it frightened me.

Elon Musk has spent time in those circles. He has seen first-hand the developments.

He even tried to get people to slow-down, and think about the ethics of introducing such volatile and dangerous technologies so carelessly.

He openly admits now this was futile.

And I agree.

The desire in man to pursue these technological changes is too great; too great even for caution or due diligence; let alone rejection of the advances themselves.

Currently, we do live in a world ruled by Corporations, Big Money and Power.

If an institution decides they are going to put something on the market that's revolutionary, it's competitors have only one choice; to keep up.

The upward spiral of competition between corporations, governments competing for space conquests and Earth resources, means having the competitive advantage has been deemed a higher stake than even our long term survival as a species.

That's the level of competitiveness that exists in our society.

It is blindly competitive, to our own destruction.

There is no point resisting the existing competitive state, because you will not survive if you do not compete.

I am simply highlighting the madness of it.

IoT and 5G are also heavily linked to Smart Cities.

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Smart Cities is something I do think I support overall. I am pro driverless cars. I think the number of lives that will be saved long term, it makes sense.

Smart Cities will need needed anyway, whether or not we want them.

Unless we were to dramatically reduce our world population, they will be essential.

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Our society values happiness over almost anything else.

People I really, completely have a lot of respect for; people who have 'made it'. They have the fame, the money, the healthy relationships, the enviable lifestyle, what more could people want?

And yet, I still see within these people, the void, that the pretence of needing a public video in the first-place showing how happy they are is necessary.

I don't think anything can really quench that void, other than very deep understandings of why we came to be, where this Universe came from, what's the meaning of it all?

I'm not sure happiness is the ultimate value to strive for; at least for myself.


Going back to Elon Musk, he is one billionaire, I have respect for, even if his work takes humanity into dark places.

His intentions are genuine; he believes what he is doing will better people's lives.

He suffered a lot in his youth, and out of that suffering, came the desire to paint a bright future for everyone.

That is noble to me.

He is not doing it for fame, or wealth, and all one has to do to see that is to look at his life choices.

I also believe he is correct with this statement.

That AI will undoubtedly surpass Human Intelligence.

His Space X Program and Neura-link Program might actually give humans a chance to survive.

Is it still terrifying?

Yes, completely.

But, I can still marvel at what he is trying to do.


If machines become intelligent life-forms to some degree, that they have their own machine version of intuition, capacity for feeling, if they cross over into sentient machines....what happens then to the line between human and machine?

Where does one end and one begin?

If chips are implanted into our human brains, then quite literally, there is merging of human and machine consciousness.

Is that the future of consciousness itself?

Will machines even deem there to be a use for the hybrid human; half machine, half human?

Or will the fully AI machine - selectively filter out the hybrids over time as a matter of survival of the fittest?

Could a machine/synthetic and a human create a child?

Would this hybrid child be different to a brain implant created hybrid?


My fear is not with Elon Musk.

My fear is with what might happen when Elon Musk is no longer around to over-see how his creations are used...or corrupted.

His tools would be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands.

I hope he implements enough safety within his tools, to protect them from being used, for dark intentions.

But I am excited to be sharing the planet with such visionaries as he.

He gave me hope when looking out into this world becoming completely inundated with AI, and knowing somewhere inside, it meant our end.

And he made AI and space exploration, more real, more possible, and more exciting.

He made the future exciting.

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