by Radha Mistry June. 10, 2021 69 views

After a year of lockdown, I wonder how we emerge from the trial?

Shifting seasons, shifting currents, shifting tides

Technology has entered into our lives, into our relationships

Technology is now something we must consciously build a relationship with

And contemplate how we will interact with it

Technology can now make or break relationships

The medium/platform has merged into our human lives

How do we stay present to the changes coming at us?

I normally write a story of sorts under most my posts

But sometimes the silence is welcomed

I write to pour, to unload, to feel, not to make sense

I write to connect to what I feel

Sometimes we just feel

Not really sure what specifically

A lot though

Not directed at anyone or anything

It's almost a feeling of feeling alive

I know I am alive because I have this feeling

I feel here, hurled along in the ride, not sure where I'll wash up next

Stay close to the water

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Craig Casterline 4 days, 1 hour ago

Great shot and profound words.

4 days, 1 hour ago Edited