Piazza Solferino, Torino

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13th October, 2018

13th October, 2018

It was the first time after a very long time that my father went on a vacation, as we surprised him with a weekend away in Torino for his birthday. After a very bumpy plane ride, and to our astonishment learning that my father actually is fluent in Italian, we arrived at the hotel in the centre of Turin, where we had to leave our luggages in the reception until our room was ready.

Therefore, we decided to get breakfast and start going round the city. Before travelling I have a habit of researching a lot of places of interest and their distance from the hotel, while jotting down notes and planning a little map of how to go about the trip. As I had imagined we will settle in first before going out, my tiny map had to be altered, such that we started from the very bottom leading to the nearest place to the hotel.

I must admit, travelling with two men was somehow crazy, as both has different ideas and routes in their minds, however on the other hand I was also quite safe. We started off with this amazing piazza; Piazza Solferino, where on one side one finds a beautiful fountain, and on the other there is a sundial, and in the middle there is a monument dedicated to Ferdinando di Savoia-Genoa. The Angelica fountain mentioned represents the four seasons, while the statue of Ferdinando di Savoia memorates the victory of the battle of Novara in 1849.

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