San Giovanni Battista, Torino

by Donatella Debattista October. 28, 2018 182 views

13th October, 2018

13th October, 2018

As explained before, my father had not travelled in a while (almost 20 years), therefore this holiday was rather an exciting one for all of us. Being the youngest daughter, my father and I have a strong bond, which most of the time is silent. This photo captures that exact bond perfectly; just us overlooking one of the best views in Turin after climbing the Cathedral's 200 steps.

We had woken up very early to catch our 2hour flight to Turin, and spent the rest of the morning walking around the city in the most touristy manner. After seeing Piazza Solferino and the Palatine Towers, we found the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, and although it was closed, the attraction to the museum and the top of the tower was available. The news that we had to climb so many stairs did not come without some complaints, however I still encouraged them that it would be worth it.

The photo was taken by my boyfriend, who would only see the views from photos I took for him because of his extreme fear of heights, but I am very glad he managed to capture such a keep-sake memory for me.

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