Lost in Sicilia

by Donatella Debattista October. 30, 2018 287 views
3rd September, 2018

3rd September, 2018

On our relaxing holiday in Sicily, we decided to drive around the North East of the island and explore the little villages and their places of interests according to google.com. However, getting there was not a simple piece of cake like we had hoped. Although driving a right-hand car on right carriage ways was not easy (but I wasn't the one driving), getting the GPS to reroute after missing a turn was something I could not get hold of, especially since as the passenger I was in charge of giving out directions.

Eventually, after driving my boyfriend mad into many dead-end roads and bumpy narrow streets, such that he had to get out the car and check for any damage multiple times, we found these beautiful stretches of fields with cows and bulls behind fences; on both sides of the street. Unfortunately we do not know the exact location of this picture, but what we do know is how excited we were to experience such beauty, that is until we realised that there was a bull looking directly into our window on the other side of the road, giving my boyfriend the biggest scare of his life, and the bull too with the his shriek.

Something I enjoyed doing on this holiday was to take short videos along the way, capturing our reactions, our emotions, parts of our conversations and sometimes even our exhaustion, as well as the views.

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George Kunschman 2 years, 11 months ago

Got to love modern technology! They're looking at you thinking another lost traveller!

2 years, 11 months ago Edited
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