Monteliusvägen, Stockholm

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31st August, 2017

31st August, 2017

Sweden. WOW!

The first and only vacation that I took with my sister, while going through a personal rough time, and Sweden helped me grow and fix myself. In all, I fell in love with Sweden, because roaming alone in Sweden made me realise how important it is to love myself.

We just spent a weekend in Stockholm, and all the weather pages predicted rain on the second day (they were all right). We got out our umbrellas and made our way round the squares close to the hostel, and got some shopping done as well.

Later in the afternoon, the skies cleared up and we could go further from the centre. Admittedly, the language barrier sucks but we still found our way around. First, we crossed the bridge towards Gamla Stan, then another bridge towards Monteliusvägen. The 10km walk was very pleasant, but the sight form the viewpoint was to die for after a dull rainy day. Monteliusvägen is a narrow footpath on steep cliffs with a magnificent view of Lake Mälaren, City Hall and Riddarholmen.

Monteliusvägen is also known for the engraving on one of the wooden railings overlooking the lake; #sharingofloneliness.

I look forward to visiting this beautiful country very soon.

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Antonio Gil 2 years, 10 months ago

Always a pleasure to review Stockholm

2 years, 10 months ago Edited