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22nd April, 2018

22nd April, 2018

The first time to a Spanish city, Barcelona was a blast. Roaming around for 4 days on foot, covering 20km a day, we got to see all attractions sights possible, from Casa Batlló to the Sagrada Família. On Sundays, it's almost a habit for me to do something out of the ordinary, and take a long train ride to somewhere less crowded.

Therefore, we bought tickets to Montserrat, which is famous for the monastery and its multi-peaked mountain ranges. Having had no breakfast, we ran out of the hotel and made our way to the nearest train station for this journey to begin. We arrived at Montserrat at around 10am, caught a cable car up to the monastery and started exploring. However, being in such a beautiful place with an accessible mountain right next to me filled me with adrenaline, that we thought should best be used in climbing that mountain.

We misread all the signs, we thought it was going to be easy, but we were wrong. The sign said Sant Jeroni 1236m, and we started the ascend. Looking back at it now, that was my first ever experience climbing a mountain, and we were truly not prepared from clothing to water bottles. The stairs were steep and very difficult, however watching athletes running up and down like all was easy helped us build some courage. The climb to the highest peak (St Jeroni) took us almost 4 hours, during which we covered 150 floors in jeans and no water, but I felt fresh and very emotional once I looked around me and saw what I managed to achieve after almost giving up multiple times along the way. On the way down, we discovered the funicular, which would have been a much easier and convenient way up to the peak, but less rewarding.

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Beautiful view!

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