Montalbano Elicona, Sicily

by Donatella Debattista November. 08, 2018 255 views

For this year's birthday, my boyfriend decided to take me overland to Sicily for a couple of days. Living just some hours away by sea, I had never visited Sicily before and was super excited to see as much as possible.

On Monday we decided to drive up to small villages that bring out the culture in Sicily. From the beautiful agriturismo in Randazzo, through narrow dead-end streets, wonderful nature views (especially of the Etna) and along the Nebrodi mountain range, we arrived in Montalbano.

No words can describe how mesmerising this village is. For a Monday one would expect slight commotion after the weekend, with people returning to their week jobs and children in school, however in Montalbano there was none of this. It is a small laid-back village with approximately 2,500 inhabitants, most of which are elderly. Even though there are not much touristic attractions to visit, apart from the castle, churches and panoramic views, I really hope to find time and visit Montalbano again.

3rd September, 2018

3rd September, 2018

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