Tindari, Sicily

by Donatella Debattista November. 11, 2018 363 views

And the adventure continues to Tindari. This small town in the village of Messina is home to the famous church with the black Madonna, known as the Tindari Sanctuary. Unfortunately the church was closed when we arrived therefore we could only admire the outside structure of this beautiful “Sanctuary” and its surroundings.

To get to where the church is, one has to walk up a small hill or take a public bus. Since Sicilian food is so great we had not stopped eating since the beginning of the holiday we decided to be slightly active and take the challenge of walking up the hill. Honestly, if I had to go back I would do it again and again because the views as one walks up are to die for. From wall-art, to the beautiful nature views and the astonishing colours from the Reserve of the Lakes of Morinello as one reaches the top.

Again we did not have much time to go about and observe every little detail in Tindari, however we did find time to look around the gift shops and small street stalls and talk to the locals about the culture in Sicily.

3rd September, 2018

3rd September, 2018

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