Gole dell'Alcantara, Sicily

by Donatella Debattista November. 15, 2018 196 views

On the last day of our holiday in Sicily, we checked out of the accommodation early after breakfast, and started exploring some last places before catching the ferry back home.

First we visited Catania; the nightmare for drivers. Catania is the second largest city in Sicily, and in our opinion is the worst place a tourist can drive around. A lot of commotion, people in the middle of the street insisting to wash your windscreen whilst waiting for the pedestrian lights to turn green in exchange for a donation, and generally pissed off drivers ready to start honking their horns and swear at you if you take an extra moment to check for cars before going on main streets.

However, when we finally parked and got to see the magical Giardini Bellini we forgot about the irritant mood we were in. The lovely fountain in the middle, the date written in grass at the back, the Italian flag on the long pole, and the astonishing small walk from behind the fountain towards the shed in the back.

Then we drove towards the famous Gole dell'Alcantara. First we took a stroll around the gardens that overlook the river in the valley from the small "balconies" of Venus or Juliet, while watching some tourists body-rafting in the cold river underneath us. Eventually we took the elevator down and dipped our feet in the freezing cold water (at approx 6ºC) fresh from the mountains and take the river walk along. Although I could barely feel my feet on top of the small pebbles laying on the bed of the river, the walk was super pleasant and relaxing, especially when you reach a point that water level rises above the knees and your heart feels like it could crawl out of your chest.

Overall, Sicily was a very calming holiday, in which we got to drive around in our Lola, sing along like two maniacs and have as much fun as possible in the hot summery days.

5th September, 2018

5th September, 2018

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