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Finally the wait was over. The first two months of 2019 were endless but eventually the day came for us to go to Estonia. Unfortunately a long flight was not something that we both were looking forward to, especially since it takes me a while to adjust to the change in pressure. But when we arrived, all seemed to be irrelevant.

The beauty of a new country. The breath of fresh air. Visiting yet another Scandinavian country, this time with my boyfriend was bound to be awesome, especially since for the first time we had a stay of a week.

Upon arriving it was pitch darkness, although not late at night, we had to set the clock forward by an hour, and put on more layers as the weather was much cooler than back home. And for me personally, this was the first time experiencing snow, so this holiday was definetely a first. Of course, we were not planning to stay indoors as much as possible and we did not opt to rent a car since we were staying in the centre, therefore walking was our main mode of transportation, and sometimes we even made good use of public transport.

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was one of the top things to see in Tallinn, and after seeing most of the other churches and cathedrals, I must admit this was the most beautiful one by far. The Russian attire on the outside of the cathedral and the art on the sides was what attracted us towards it the most. Although we did not find time to go inside, it would definetely have been worth a visit.

What i also really liked next to the cathedral, was a set of stairs going down to a park, that were covered by ice, and the view from the park was mesmerising. Almost wished the holiday never ended.

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