Viewing platforms

by Donatella Debattista March. 17, 2019 320 views
Patkuli viewing platform

Patkuli viewing platform

One of the best things to look for in any country are viewing platforms. The scenic points, although crowded by tourists and on-lookers, are even more spectacular at dusk and dawn, when most people are busy observing other things around them. In a Scandinavian country, something that is really fascinating is the colourful buildings and the medieval appearance of the city, or in this case the Old Town.

In the middle of the photo is St. Olaf's church, presumably the tallest building in Estonia and in the world, until 1625, and had been struck by lightning around ten times. Unfortunately, although I have planned on visiting the church famous for it's magnificent views, the tower was closed due to bad weather. Therefore, giving me a perfect excuse to visit Tallinn another time.

On another observation deck; Danish King's Garden, we found masked figures which on the whole were kind of scary but also contributed to the whole view.

Thankfully, the weather was very clear and favourable, therefore in the distant we could glimpse slightly the coast of Finland. Even though we had an entire week planned out, and allocated enough time to visit Helsinki for at least two days, we went around Tallinn at a slow pace and decided to visit Finland on another trip.

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