Jägala Waterfall

by Donatella Debattista March. 24, 2019 247 views

Oh my dear!

I have travelled to many different places, although I know there are many, many other countries I must visit, but I have never yet seen something as beautiful as a waterfall. The magnificence of nature; the creation of land, sky and sea are wonderful. I have climbed mountains and played in dirt, but only in Estonia have I seen such a wonderful scene of a natural waterfall.

We woke up early on Sunday morning, prepared for a very cold day, had breakfast, and walked to the bus station. It had snowed all night and also all day on Saturday, so walking was quite a challenge, especially since I have really small feet and ended up finding myself ankle deep in snow. Almost an hour later we arrived at this beautiful destination, just off the centre of Tallinn.

There were some families with their children and dogs, ready for a picnic or fun day, and then there were travellers like us from all over the world, who came to experience something extraordinary. The path from the street to next to the waterfall was very slippery. Thank God we opted to wear walking boots rather than slippers, which avoided many falls, but one!

Slippery, cold, but definitely worth it!

One almost wishes the day never ends here. However, we had to hurry in order to catch the bus since they are very infrequent. A must visit if I ever have the chance to travel to Estonia again.

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