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what will I find tomorrow? am I going to survive? would I be able to bare it ? who knows . I'm afraid .

making this new little place to share my feelings ♥ don't know who will read it nor care. Just a place to free my thoughts… starting with you honey.. love of my…

wanna close my eyes and disappear from this world. just for a moment. and forget everything . will I be able to survive today?

nothing is easy in this life. hard work is always needed. sweat, tears, you'll find a lot in this journeys. but we all deserve to ask for one moment of peace.

Come back again, but don’t lie to me Don’t leave, I can’t say that to you Though like a fool, I can’t continue to wait for you.

I will strike the world and go unhindered I am a man , that kind of man Even if I fall I will not go on my knees Don't even think about winning over me. Just…

you, don't go you, don't leave その声もその哀しみも 僕が全て守るよ 命をかけて I'll be there for your heart この海が枯れてしまうまで 永遠に側にいて 波の間に 光がほら見えてきた 光がほら 射してきたよ…
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