Ok, these aren't artistic photos, just documentary. It's because the wild boar that visit's my pasture daily has some kind of schizophrenia - is terribly afraid…

Remember my April Fool's foal [photoblog.com]? That's April 15 month later :) Happy Birthday Sara (NellyBly)!!

Nelson the Lion is back!! He's travelling again and has photos in many weird places of the world :) Here's Nelson's trip to Serbia.

Namo Ratna Traya on YouTube [http] I'm off for a few days so I will probably not be able to reply your messages and comments. Have a nice week!

Trójmorski Wierch (let's translate it Three-seas Peak) is a very special place because three drainage basins meet here. You can imagine three brooks that begin…

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Yesterday was the very first nice and sunny day for ages. We celebrated this by hacking high in the mountains.
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