Day 3- She Saw, He Saw

by Drohask January. 03, 2010 2382 views

On this, the third day of shooting, we've already repeated a subject matter that you'll likely see multiple times over the course of this project. We are somewhat hopelessly infatuated with our Frenchie, Libby, and she is a rather patient model for our constant “practicing”. As a result, our lenses are often pointed her way, and today we thought it would be fun to see her from two different perspectives.

Hask took this shot using a point and shoot from the bottom of our home's front steps. Libby looks as though she may have spotted something interesting across the street.

Dro captured Libby in the same stance outside our front door, but this shot is arguable more wistful in mood.

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Lynda 11 years ago

Cute shots

11 years ago Edited
Nahcllerrad 11 years ago

so cool how the two of you are doing this together -- neat to see how your subjects are the same, but perspectives can be so different!

11 years ago Edited