Day 16- Glassy-eyed

by Drohask January. 16, 2010 2325 views

Since starting our daily photo project this year, we've constantly been on the lookout for interesting subjects or locations from which to shoot. Unfortunately, we sometimes come across things that might be very photo-worthy but the circumstances don't really allow for a good shot to be taken. If we see something outside while we're driving or at work there's usually one obstacle that stands between us and our subject- glass. We've seen so many shots with unwanted reflections and streaks that we've been a bit intimidated to master the art of shooting through glass. We'll have to put polishing that technique on our photographic to-do list, but until we do, we have instead turned our focus to photos featuring glass items. Baby steps!

Hask snapped this fellow checking himself out in the mirror. Being a model seems to have made him quite the narcissist- it looks as though he's pondering “does this woodgrain make me look fat?”

Dro captured the colourful mosaic glass pieces of a hurricane lamp that we own. Each individual piece of glass reflects light at a slightly different angle, making beautiful reflections all around it.

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Heather 11 years ago

Very nice set. Those figures make great subjects (I have one too)

11 years ago Edited
Lynda 11 years ago

Another interesting duo of shots. Very creative.

11 years ago Edited
Jamiinorth 11 years ago

Love em both!

11 years ago Edited
Andrea 11 years ago

Great shots.

11 years ago Edited
Edgar Baird 11 years ago

These are lovely! You guys have captured some wonderful images-this is a truly great blog.

11 years ago Edited
Rajkumar Chandrasekaran 11 years ago

Cool one..

11 years ago Edited