Day 131- Rails and Rubbish

by Drohask May. 11, 2010 2441 views

We love how a regular two dimensional picture has the ability to convey depth and perspective as if you were standing at the very spot from which the photographer shot. In many ways photographs serve not only to remember a time or place, but also to experience it.

With this in mind, we set out today to capture some images that use perspective to draw the eye into the scene. On our travels, we also found some discarded items that caught our eye and that we wanted to share.

Hask photographed this wooden fence near the shore of Halifax Harbour.

Hask bonus shot. Not far from the above fence was a discarded wire fence that was rusted from being out in the elements, as seen in this detail shot.

Dro photographed a set of railway tracks that curve and fade away around the bend.

Dro bonus shot. Carlsberg on the rocks.

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Mike 11 years ago

The Hask Bonus Shot is amazing. Often the simplist things are the best!

11 years ago Edited
Kauphem 11 years ago

Nice Set

11 years ago Edited
Ray King 11 years ago

They serve to prove yur point. Good job!

11 years ago Edited
Kelly Lamaster 11 years ago

LOVE LOVE #2. The texture and comp is awesome. Focus and angles on the perspective shots are really nice as well. :))

11 years ago Edited
Janet! 11 years ago


11 years ago Edited
Puntown 11 years ago

Love the second! Something trivial but significant and charming in eyes of wonder.

11 years ago Edited
Darlene Foster 11 years ago

Interesting set with great detail!

11 years ago Edited