Capturing Moments

by Danny Smith November. 29, 2017 1229 views
Somerset, looking out towards Wales early in the morning.

Somerset, looking out towards Wales early in the morning.

I love taking photos. Whatever I'm doing or wherever I am I'm usually stopping to take pictures. Granted, I delete 90% of them because they don't match up to my standards but the ones that I do choose to keep become memories.

Photos are good like that, they're a captured moment in time that will never change, the photons, the atoms in that single moment captured in that state forever.

Our lives are made up of these moments, tiny, insignificant periods of time where small decisions are made can massively impact your life. Unfortunately, it's only once you've reached a destination that you can look back at the journey and see the impacts those small moments had, sometimes it doesn't work out, sometimes it does.

The photo above was taken at about 5.30am sometime at the beginning of August. It was bloody freezing.

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