by Danny Smith December. 05, 2017 699 views

Relationships, for me have always been tricky. When I was younger I went through quite a phase of "loving the chase", I'd chase a girl until the point that we could be in a relationship and then I'd just turn off like a light and be completely un-interested, almost overnight.

Because I've this I've hurt a few people in the past, at the time I didn't care, but looking back I can see how my actions affected those people and having recently gone through heartbreak, I feel awful for it.

Those girls have gone on to have happy lives, some of them are engaged with kids, some of them have boyfriends, but most of them are happy.

I'm not like that anymore. Relationships to me are about companionship, finding someone you can tease, annoy, be playful with but also someone who will be there for you, without fail, when you need them.

I have great friends and a great family, but at the moment I'm single. I'm perfectly happy and content with being single but if the right girl were to come along, I know that I'm ready to "settle down". I know what I'm looking for now, and I think that'll only help me in the future.

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