desert watering hole

by Derek Sexton June. 05, 2017 1255 views

Las Vegas is a love it or hate it place, it doesn't really leave room for in between. After all it is a place of extremes. For me these extremes, especially in the architecture and design found here, help distract from the all those mundane condominiums and hotels stuck in my memory. Ideas are let loose, and as someone looking to capture a unique image or just something to wonder at, you can’t beat LV. It’s the ultimate land of misfit toys, but one you can leave at any time. And I thank the world for misfit toys. So it is safe to say I love this city.

Yet the last time I was in LV, I came to wonder about this city as I strolled from the Flamingo and into the Wynn Hotel. I imagined, probably with a large dose of nostalgia, the places of old were larger than life because of the people. However these places have become too small for a world of volume. So most of them stand only in the past and we have gone from 600 room hotels to 6000 in a generation. I found it interesting that even a luxury experience has to play on Mcdonalds' fundamentals of volume, and whether that says anything of the characters found in these places today. Did the texas oil tycoon at the craps table with the ten gallon hat ever really even exist? For sure the hedge fund manager with too much on the table is there every weekend. Why does one image attract a postcard sentiment and not the other?

Anyways this is me talking with my photos again ...... viva Las Vegas.

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