Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail VIII

by Kevin January. 31, 2008 2761 views

Today, I finished walking the section of the Towpath Trail that runs from Rockside Rd. north to Harvard Ave. This hike would have been excellent for birding, as I saw mallard ducks, Canada geese, cardinals, and blue herons, not to mention other birds that I am unequipped to identify. One month down! 31-for-31, baby!

1. A bird in a tree.

2. A fairly random, blue bench.

3. A blue heron in the Cuyahoga River.

4. An upside-down fish hanging out under the ice in a shallow tributary. I couldn't tell if the fish were alive or not. Well, that is until I tossed a rock in it's direction… I can't believe the herons haven't gobbled them all up. You can see the bird tracks in the riverbed.

5. Showing why the river is called "Cuyahoga", aka "crooked".

6. This sandbar in the river seems to be a popular avian hangout…

7. These ducks saw me coming…

8. I liked the ripples and the reflections. (b/w)

9. A heron in the trees. (b/w)

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