Duck Update 3: The Drake

by Kevin June. 05, 2008 2702 views

Once again, I came home to find an empty nest around 7pm. Knowing that Duck seems to always return by 8pm, I checked the nest periodically.

While on a phone call, I laid on my stomach in the dining room and watched out the window. Around 7:30, I saw two ducks fly from the south, past my house, around a house under construction, and land across the street. They had clear sight of the nest area.

Now I had to wait… About 7:45, the ducks took off, flew past my neighbor's house to the north, and eventually came around the south side of the house and landed. The drake stood in the driveway and Duck stood on the mulch. It seemed like they stood there forever, but it was probably only a couple of minutes. After Duck looked directly at me, she moseyed back to the nest under the watchful eye of the drake. Drake gave a couple of quacks and was off…

I see five!

I guess all mallards have iridescent blue-black-white speculum feathers.

It was kinda funny how they both just stopped. Duck was three feet from the nest and Drake was about 15 feet away on the driveway. They stood in this formation for a couple of minutes.

This is the shot that I was going for, but I know it could have been better, but I was limited by time, shooting through a window screen, the flower pot, dwindling daylight, and the sharp contrast between the driveway and the mulch.

I had to push the ISO to 800 and my camera had a tough time focusing…

The Drake

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