Duck Update 7: And then there were none...

by Kevin June. 11, 2008 2402 views

Though I knew it would come someday, today is a bittersweet day.

The morning after the eggs hatched, I came out to find nothing but the deserted nest in photo above. After a day with no sight of Duck or ducklings, I am resigned to the fact that the ducks are not coming back.

It's bittersweet because, while I'm sad I don't get to see them grow up, I know that my house isn't a good place to raise ducklings and that Duck will find them a nice pond with lots of bugs to eat.

Oh, well… It has been fun! What a great blessing to have had Duck find our house and set up shop for the last month there.

I am kicking myself for assuming the ducks would stay at least a few days and not getting more pictures of the ducklings. Lesson learned! Don't assume anything!

Shoot, I was kinda counting on the duckings as a source of photos for the next couple of days… Back to the Metroparks?

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