Steve's Birthday Roady

by Kevin December. 09, 2009 2009 views

Every year on my father-in-law's birthday, Steve, Mary, Stephanie, and I travel to the outlet mall in Grove City, PA; have lunch at the original Quaker Steak & Lube restaurant in Sharon, PA; pick up some goodies at Daffin's Chocolate Shoppe in Sharon, PA; and Mountaineer Casino in Chester, WV.

At the outlet mall in Grove City, PA. No sales tax on clothes… Woo hoo!

Usually, the weather is awful when we make this trip. There was a major storm that stretched from St. Louis to Detroit, but it curled around the Pittsburgh area and it was gorgeous while we were at the outlet mall.

Once we started the leg north to Sharon, PA, some ominous clouds rolled in and dumped a lot of rain. But no snow! Yay!

Time to get our grub on at “The Lube”…

What?? The birthday boy has to pay for his own lunch? Sacre bleu!

Heading across a privately owned toll bridge between East Liverpool, OH and Newell, WV. It was built in 1905 and rehabilitated in 1954.

The Newell Bridge is historically significant as one of the last few remaining suspension bridges on the Ohio River.

The bridge has been noted as one of the first suspension bridges to have been built entirely of steel as opposed to wrought iron. This is not the result of anything spectacular, it is merely a function of its 1905 construction date. Prior to 1900 wrought iron was widely used for metal highway bridges because it was less expensive. During that time steel was also produced but was used for railroad rails where the stronger steel was a requirement, and this drove up the prices of steel, while wrought iron remained affordable. However, after 1900, steel became readily available and wrought iron quickly became a thing of the past.

A covert photo taken inside the casino with my phone.

The night ends with some Date and Nut Cake, Steve's favorite.

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