12/27 - Avian and Marine Rehab

by Kevin December. 30, 2009 2938 views

Adjacent to the Mote Aquarium in Sarasota, was the Save Our Seabirds Rehab Center and the Goldstein Marine Mammal Research Center. There we got to see seabirds and turtles that are either being rehabilitated or are permanent residents for whatever reason.

An excellent pose…

This vulture looks like something out of the movie Dark Crystal…

This egret isn't a resident, just lazy… He just comes to try to steal food from the inmates.

This sad snowman looks like he was strung up…

The egret shows up for feeding time!

This sea turtle is totally blind.

This turtle is the wrong color, so she cannot be released.

This turtle is recovering. Compare his color to the one in #19…

Do not touch! That beak will take your finger!

Mark measures up against a manatee. There were manatees in the next tank, but they were not in a position where I could get even a decent photo…

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