Chicago Trip - Day 1, Cowboy Mouth

by Kevin July. 19, 2010 2786 views

July 17, 2010

Cowboy Mouth [] is a great band from New Orleans that Sharon and I stumbled upon when they opened for Barenaked Ladies at the World Amphitheater in August 1999. Since then, I have seen them every time they come to my town (Chicago and Cleveland), which has been six more times. I also own seven of their albums.

They have changed quite a bit since we first saw them, but it is still a great show every time!

Here's where my new T2i really shined! From about 20 yards away from the stage, I was able to shoot fully zoomed out (135mm), ISO 1600, and stop the action at 1/250 and get great not-noisy shots.

John Thomas Griffith, aka “JTG”, former member of the band Red Rockers (“China”) and founding member of Cowboy Mouth.

Lead singer and drummer, Fred LeBlanc, is also a founding member of the band.

Here he's not exactly pleased with the volume of the crowd…

I like how this shot came out. During the song “Everybody Loves Jill”, JTG belts out “She eats her red cake with her favorite red spoon.” and the entire crowd tosses red spoons (via Dairy Queen) at the stage.

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