Grand Canyon - Eagle Point

by Kevin November. 09, 2010 2638 views

It's hard to pass up a chance to see a Wonder of the World, so we decided to take a day trip out to the Grand Canyon. It did not disappoint!

I had to split the day up into three segments: 1) Eagle Point, 2) Hualapai Dancers (Nov 12 entry), and 3) Guano Point (Nov 13 entry).

Today started with a very early (6am Pacific Time) 3-hour bus ride to the Grand Canyon West Airport on the West Rim of the canyon, which included a trip across the new bridge over the Hoover Dam (only 3 weeks old) and a 10-mile ride on gravel and dirt road.

The Grand Canyon West Airport is owned and operated by the Hualapai tribe and situated on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. There were some on the bus tour that opted for the helicopter ride and that originated from this airport.

From the airport, we were bussed a couple of miles up the road to Eagle Point, where we had the option to go on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, which we passed on (no cameras allowed!).

We could not find anything to buy at the airport giftshop…

In the middle of this photo where the rock dips down, is Eagle Rock.

The eagle has its wings spread…

A better look at Eagle Rock (on the right side).

The clump of rocks on top of the ridge on the left is said to look like a sleeping dog…

This is the Grand Canyon Skywalk. It juts out 70 feet from the wall and has a glass floor and costs $30 do experience. The catch is that you cannot take any belongings (including cameras) out on the Skywalk in order to “protect the glass”. They would, however, be happy to take a picture of you and sell it to you for another $20. We thought the free views were pretty good…

Another one of the Skywalk…

Also, check out the guy with the camera on the left. Look how close to the edge he is! Crazy!

We couldn't believe how close people were willing to get to the cliff edge.


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Marsha 8 years, 11 months ago

Gorgeous scenes....what a magnificent post!

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