First Time Second-Shooting

by Kevin June. 18, 2011 2343 views

Today was a big day, as I got my first chance to work as a professional as a second shooter at a wedding in Hudson with Andrew Jordan [] (his blog []). It was amazing to see him work and I learned so much in one day.

Adding to my challenge was that Andrew asked me to shoot with his Nikon D7000 (and the D3 a few times!) and I had about 36 hours to get familiar with it. Before I got my hands on it, I had no idea how tough it would be going from Canon to Nikon! Everything is opposite and I mean EVERYTHING, including getting the lens off the body. I liken it to playing golf with someone else's clubs. For the most part everything is okay, but sometimes their 8-iron just doesn't play like yours does.

The toughest part of shooting a wedding was easily the constantly changing light. If someone was to ask me how to prepare to shoot a wedding, I would tell them to place someone in a room that you're not in, walk around the corner, and shoot as fast as you can (including proper exposure and composition). Have your subject move around the room or move to another room. Rinse and repeat.

I have seven more scheduled with him this year. Among places where I need to improve, I need to work on not taking *so* many shots or do a better job of chimping off the unusable ones. I ended up with 450 shots that I whittled down to about 129 that I would put in a wedding album. I'm sure he would trim that number down substantially. Just something to work on…

I appreciate Andrew letting me tag along, showing me the ropes, and then granting me permission to post my shots on here!

Today's shots are from “pre-game”, the ceremony, and “post-game”. I will be posting shots from the reception in tomorrow's slot.

Perhaps my shot of the day…

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