Durban's Android Shots Posts

No One Likes a Prophet Hey you bearer of truth - So bold - so black and so white Supersonic “stop its” pierce you - Yet your truth remains so - true. djr 4/2/13

Skyscrapers In the distance - there… Safely here - safely away - Yet perilously close - too Many steps to climb - there. djr 4/4/13

Me As A Sundial This mound of mud…me - Looking down - so clear… Coming to a head - wishes… Realities find peace - for now. djr 4/6/13

In A Word Pulses of invisible sounds - Chase and race - single file. Never moving ahead - never… Behind their rightful place in line. djr 4/7/13

See The Sound of Sunlight Shiny metalic glass - poised… Perfectly suited to greet it - IT - The raging - roaring - deafening… Silence of sunlight at dawn. djr…

Show Stopper You chorus line of vain imposters… Stopping each and every passer-by. “Stop…Look at me- NOW!” - But… The sun arrives - stealing your show. djr…

Poser I do a good job - posing Against this wall - so real I am to the quick eye - real Ha - what a trick I pull. djr 7/27/13

Convergence So far ahead of me I have been racing Dead on into me - yes - We meet at last - at last. djr 8/6/13

Roar In this enormous stadium Deafening roaring cheers Smell of browning grass Oh the warm feel of autumn djr 10/24/13

My Eye Brain Connection Whoa what a gift It's mine now to Have the freedom To see something So absent of value Before my eyes and Feel a goose-bumping Frame to…

Waiting For Mr. Jack Hammer Stuck in this concrete bed Stilled and frozen in place The heat of its curing rises Jackhammer - come soon… djr 10/28/13