Durban's People Posts

a walk them stalking me. my me-ness walking toward their they-ness… trying to keep pace their relentless strides pulling them closer to me step… step… step… by…

days come and go today- tourists come tourists go… tomorrow- tourists come i will be here still waiting to pass them on the streets of chinatown.

with urgency not peril nor pretty gets in the way of moving onward and upward and forward and toward

walking and the ground suddenly drops… it tips it dips it heaves sways too… go with it let it do all that - go with it…just let it be

prayer for the fearful god grant me the courage to venture into the vast areas to my right and to my left and the humility to be open to what it is I find

being all this you embracing grass you marionette leaves you traveling shadows you soothing river sounds you grounding gravity you all - and me - us