Dwebb's posts from May 2012

It was a travel day and I didn't have a lot of time, so just trying to get a daily shot in. Snapped this with my iPhone at the Atlanta airport.

Still in Sandestin. The mallard ducks were everywhere. This guy (and his friends) were hanging out in the shade of a tree right along side the jogging trail.…

Also while at Sandestin, there were a lot of opportunities to bird watch around the many ponds. I found this heron beautiful to watch.

The Denver Airport is known for having lots of interesting artwork on display. I found this Volkswagon Beatle on display in the passenger meeting area. This is…

Didn't have time to get out and get a good shot today. Just bought a new set of silverware so decided to just play around a little bit. (12/365)

My greyhound is tall enough so that I can lay on the ground and get the upward angle on him. I think he is pondering how wonderful his retired life is. (11/365)

I love this picture because not only is it a nice picture of my cat, but also because I successfully captured my reflection in his eye. (10/365)

Got the effect I was going for, but not happy with the composition. Will have to try again with a better subject. (6/365)

Had trouble getting out to take a picture today so I was stuck with what I could find around the house and only had the kitchen light to work with.(5/365)

This little baby goose was hanging out at the pond across from my house with his two siblings and his mom and dad. They were sharing the pond with a bunch of…

Took this after my mixed doubles match. Unfortunately, it was our opponent with the game, set, match. (3/365)
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