The best of the second 100 posts

by Edward Phillips June. 06, 2008 4900 views

So, it's that time again when I look back over the previous 100 blogs. A time again for pictures to get another look in that I liked, and some that you did too through your comments.

I've been really pleased to continue to gain friends and comments from people I really admire the work of.

I must admit that during the last 100 posts I nearly gave up. Falling numbers of comments and “hits” on my blog made me question if I was any good as a photographer. However, others have also expressed this problem too and that perhaps this is a symptom of the success of photoblog in itself with so many more people now bloggin on here there is only so much time to look at other peoples work.

I know this is something I have struggled with too and although I do make a point of looking at certain bloggers and what they have posted - sometimes I just haven't got the time.

I reminded myself though, when I had a crisis of confidence, that the real reason for starting this blog was to post somewhere so that I could share with friends my photos and have a reminder of my stuff online to aid with my shocking memory!

Recently, my friend and fellow blogger on here fionarobinson switched me onto a website called picnik which is a post processing site for your pictures.

For a long time I resisted “going digital” - the New York pictures that feature in this blog today were shot on film as were a lot of other older shots that I have blogged (and I still have a stockpile of stuff still to blog from my film days!). Finally, I gave in and bought a digital compact camera and use it exclusively now.

Dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, and with a persuasive argument from Fiona, I finally began to dabble with picnik too.

I try not to “alter” the shots, more correct exposure and contrast and I'm still stubbonly resisting cropping and only doing so in extreme cases - usually with concert photos to remove fellow audience members/security who break into the frame.

However, picnik has allowed me to rescue my New York shots that I took back in 2001. I always believed that they had been damaged by x-rays in the airport and they lacked any kind of punch, contrast and colour. Now, for the first time in 7 years I have been able to see them as I shot them back then. Today, I have posted a couple of them in this blog and will do a “recap” of these New York shots at a later stage all in one blog.

It's so satisfying to finally see my shot of the World Trade Centre with the correct colours and exposure - especially as it is a shot I cannot go back and retake and holds such memories for me.

The last 100 blogs have also seen me post some of my oldest photos (from concerts with U2), stuff taken with mobile phones and pictures taken on holidays to San Francisco and Washington DC.

I guess, at the rate I am going, there will be 300 posts before the end of the year - I certainly know what the next few posts will be anyway….

… but that is another story!

Adam Clayton of U2 at Twickenham Stadium in London, England on the Vertigo Tour 2004. Taken on my mobile phone.

New York skyline taken on print film back in April 2004

Capitol Building in Washington DC, digital image taken in April 2006

Brooklyn Bridge, New York. Taken on print film back in April 2004.

California Street in San Francisco. Digital image taken in April 2008.

Ricky Ross, lead singer/songwriter with Deacon Blue. Digital image taken at the Birmingham Symphony Hall in Nov 2007.

Looking down on New York and Madison Square Garden from the top of the Empire State Building. Originally taken on print film in April 2004.

The Edge from U2. Taken on print film at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, England on the band's 2001 Vertigo tour.

The Flat Iron building in New York. Originally on print film taken in June 2001.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Digital image taken in April 2008.

The beautiful Grand Central Station in New York, originally taken on print film in June 2001.

Alcatraz Island at sunset. Digital image taken in April 2008.

Laura Critchley at the Birmingham Symphony Hall. Digital image taken in Nov 2007.

Lincoln in marble, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Digital image taken in April 2006

Paparazzi at the Iron Man premier in London. Taken in April 2008 digitally.

Lincoln's view within the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC. Digitial image taken in April 2006.

Lead singer Bono of U2. Originally taken on print film at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh on their Popmart Tour.

Stone Lion at the Legion of Honour in San Francisco taken digitally in April 2008.

Looking south towards the financial district and the twin towers of the World Trade Centre from the top of the Empire State Building in New York. Originally shot on film back in June 2001.

Patience the marble lion guarding the New York Public Library. Taken on film back in April 2004.

Percussionist from Gogol Bordello taken in concert at the Birmingham Carling Acadamy in Feb 2008 on my digital camera.

Radio City Music Hall in New York. Taken on print film back in June 2001.

A raven at the Tower of London with a bit of post processing done to the digital image after it was taken in Sept 2007.

The Lincoln Memorial in Washingotn DC. Shot on print film back in April 2006.

The World Trade Centre in New York. Originally photographed from the back of the Staten Island Ferry in June 2001. This photograph has been digitally “rescued” after x-ray damage at the airport using

The view out of the window on Virgin Atlantic in April this year on the way to San Francisco - shot on my digital camera.

The Washington Monument in DC taken on my compact digital camera in April 2006.

Lorraine kneels in front of Dougie's drumkit at the Deacon Blue concert in November 2007 at the Birmingham Symphony Hall shot digitally.

The “front” of the White House in Washington DC taken on my digital camera in 2006.

Sunrise in Shropshire captured digitally “in camera” with no post processing back in Feb this year.

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Edward Phillips 13 years, 4 months ago


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Fionarobinson 13 years, 4 months ago

sorry didnt mean to write 'keep up the good work' twice, got carried away.

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Fionarobinson 13 years, 4 months ago

They are a lovely post, keep up the good work, and see editing pics wasnt too bad was it!! i liked my nagging! look forward to seeing the concert piccies...................keep up the good work!!

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Miles 13 years, 4 months ago

Nice series!

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