Day 2 of 365 - Childhood Ornament

by Egarnold January. 02, 2009 1056 views

Each of us has our own favorite childhood memories and if we are lucky, we also may own a few ornaments from our childhood that are loved and bring back warm memories of Christmas as a child. For me all the good memories of Christmas can be embodied in a single ornament on our tree. My drum.

My drum was made for me by my Mom when I was about 9 years old. I remember she purchased a special craft kit that allowed her to make these drums. As a child, I thought the process was magical. She assembled drums for my sister and myself. For me the drum also tied directly into another key tradition of the season, watching the Little Drummer Boy on TV. Back then there was no TIVO or DVRs, no cable or satellite, no VHS or DVD. There were 4 channels. ABC, NBC, CBS and of course the one independent station, KWGN in Denver, Channel 2. I was so excited to have my drum for the Christmas season, Mom had me hang it on the tree and I waited, I knew the night would come when my drum could be brought down off of the tree.

And finally the night arrived. CBS was airing the Little Drummer Boy. I carefully went to the tree and set my drum in front of me. Even though I couldn??t pound on my drum, it felt to me that it was just as special and important as the boy??s in the story. So there I sat, on the floor in front of my Mom and Dad, watching the Little Drummer Boy with my drum right in front of me. All was perfect in the world. At least for this 9 year old.

To this day, as we remove hundreds of ornaments and place them on our tree, all from different and special times in Lori??s and my life together, the drum carries a special place for me. It is removed and I tell my family for the umpteenth time, ??hey, it??s my drum, this is my favorite ornament from when I was a kid. My Mom made this for me.? And each time, my wife and kids, smile and acknowledge me as if it is the first time I have ever said those words.

And for one brief moment…
A moment, shorter than can be measured with a clock in our house, that 9 year old boy is back, feeling that same sense of joy and wonder. Thank you Mom for making it and thank you family for going along with me each time on my journey back.

And so it goes…

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