Day 3 of 365 - Kitchen Rhythms

by Egarnold January. 03, 2009 1016 views

One of my favorite sight & sounds is that of my wife, Lori, and my oldest son, Matthew, in the kitchen together. Since the day Matthew came home from the hospital, he has interacted with his mom in the kitchen. Those interactions all throughout his life, I believe, have shaped him more than any other experiences. The day to day rhythm of the kitchen is the pulse of our family, central in our house, our hearts and our lives. It??s no small surprise that Matthew wants to be a chef, for him there is no better spot in the world than the kitchen.

In our home the pace of kitchen conversation between Matthew and Lori tracks the course of the use of the kitchen for a typical meal. When the meal is being prepared, there is excitement and anticipation. As they get close to serving, a little stress enters their conversation, they want things to be perfect, they work well together, but they both have strong wills and have their own ideas about how to go about the meal. Then there is the payoff, the meal is served and 99.5% of the time I love it. When the meal concludes the cleanup begins. Jaden, my youngest son, is the table clear man and Matthew does the dishes. Sometimes mom helps with the cleanup. This, when it is just the two of them, is my favorite part.

There is a little repartee that goes on between mother and son. When the mood is light, there tends to be quite a bit of joking and hassling. If the mood is tense, there tends to be some sniping. Either way it is enjoyable to watch. My wife and son together, just typing the words brings up strong feelings. But to see them together, in the place they both love, even when they are mad at each other, it is a joy to me. There are times when they are talking and my eyes will focus just on their hands. I hear their voices, as if from a distance, for me their voices become tones and I see them together, cleaning, scraping, washing and drying. I feel a sense of something I cannot describe in words, it is that feeling we sometimes have when we know that things are right or we have completed a task that is satisfying in it??s completion. Eventually I??m brought back by a question or a statement directed my way, but the sense lingers.

And so it goes…

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