Day 6 of 365 - Carmel Corn Checklist

by Egarnold January. 06, 2009 1064 views

Today I was able to perform one of my favorite holiday rituals. The passing out of home-made carmel corn made by my wife for my closest employees. I??ve done this for a lot of years, thanks to Lori, and it is ALWAYS fun. Mainly due to how much everyone enjoys the carmel corn. My wife Lori makes the best carmel corn in the world, it is very light and not so sickly sweet, um

Now if anyone knows me, they know I do not have a very good memory. So my wife provided me with a checklist of employees (and my partner) to receive carmel corn. Thank you Lori, what would I do without your organizational abilities, I??m pretty sure you would find me by the side of the road somewhere wondering where I am. I??m always amazed at her ability to see around corners and organize herself, and me, to move through life with aplomb.

And so it goes…

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