Day 7 of 365 - Morning Light

by Egarnold January. 07, 2009 1047 views

One of my favorite things about our house is the light in the morning. The back of our house faces to the east, so in the morning we get the most spectacular light. It helps that the back of our house consists primarily of windows and doors, this causes the light to come flooding in and bathe the entire lower level of the house in warm cozy sunlight. To make things even better, the pool in our backyard reflects light into the house from the ground level as well, this causes light to not only shine down into the house, but to also shine up. There is no better place to sit than anywhere in the back of house in the morning, it is quiet and the motion of water in our pool causes the light to shimmer in upward directions.

As I sit here, bathed in sunlight, warm, safe, and content, I thank God for something so gorgeous and yet so simple. I??ve been blessed to occupy this house, knowing that I am it??s owner but for a while (as all things in this life are temporary). While it lasts, I resolve to enjoy this light and do my best to not take it for granted.

And so it goes…

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